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Our Approach
Helikx Open School and Learning Center traces its origin to the Helikx Trust (Regd.No-187/2002)the activities of which spring around to the imparting of academic skills with specific learning disabilities .Our motto is “Darkness to Light” and with the Principle of “Can you teach me the way I can learn’’

The school with a team of trained teachers, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, RCI Registered Rehabilitation Social Worker and With unique methodologies, as a pioneer in this region creates an awareness and education through internationally acclaimed SLD concepts. This effort over the last 11 years has resulted in 350 children passing out from the school to become high achievers. Our endeavor here continues to provide happy and joy to every child.

We follow State Board Syllabus of Tamil Nadu .We are also accredited with NIOS (SAIED) Accreditation (National Institute of Open Schooling) New Delhi.(AI Code No. 450096) We had applied for OBE (open based education) of NIOS.

Dyslexia means having difficulty With words in reading/ spelling and writing – in spite of having normal intelligence and ability – by Dr. J.E. Cullis 1992.

Formal Assessment
Screening and assessment test developed in India
  • Screening checklist for primary school students (NIMH seconderabad)
  • Diagnostic Test of learning Disability (Swarup, S.and Mehta, D.(1994))
  • Grade level Assessment Device (GLAD) for children with learning Problems in primary schools (Narayan. J.(1997))

Other Assessments
  • Schonell’s graded word reading test
  • Schonell’s graded spelling test
  • Informal graded word recognition (Ginn and Allyn and Baccon)
  • Informal Arithmetic test
  • Free writing sample
  • Chall’s informal Inventory

We give remedial help to dyslexic / Learning difficulties. The components of a Remedial programme have Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

  • Multisensory Approach (VAKT)
  • The orton – Gillingham approach
What is taught
  • Phonemic Awareness is the first step
  • Phonemic/ Grapheme correspondence
  • The six Types of syllables
  • Probabilities and Rules
  • Roots and Affixes, as well as Morphology

How it is taught
  • Simultaneous Multisensory Instruction
  • Intense Instruction with Ample Practice
  • Direct, Explicit Instruction
  • Systematic and Cumulative
  • Synthetic and Analytic
  • Diagnostic Teaching

Sixth Step of Hierarch: Strategy
  • Word mapping
  • Word Identification
  • Sentence writing
  • Visual Imagery
  • Paraphrasing
  • Mind Mapping
  • We give importance not only to academics, but also in vocational training.
  • Animation
  • Drawing
  • Drama as a teaching therapy.

  • Dr. Velusaravanan (consultant of our School) child theatre Artist – professor of Pondicherry University
  • Organic farming by Dr. Nammalvar, Karur- (Organic Guru)
  • The organic farming has improved the knowledge of science and the concepts related to it.
  • Bamboo craft
    Occupational Therapy is given to students who has problems in sensory, poor in co-ordination in motor activities, poor balancing activities hand (gross, fine motor) functions and hand writing .
  • Brain Gym Exercise
    Brain Gym is made up of simple and enjoyable movements and activities that we use with our students in educational kinesiology (E-K) to enhance their experience of whole brain learning.
    • Awareness on learning disabilities.
    • Certificate course on learning disabilities.
    • Workshop on classroom management, thinking skills.
    • Awareness Programme
    • Counseling
    • Assessing students
    • Resource room setting counselling
    • Skill assessment
    • Multiple intelligence
    • Weekend/evening remedial classes
    • Pull-out programmes -the students who need remedial help(their enrolement will in the school where they are studying)will study in Helikx, after being remediated can go back to their respective schools and continue their studies
    • This helps to raise the self confidence of the child as well as the parents. Such a type remedial help in special schools is seen in Metros like Chennai/Delhi.
    • Awareness programme/counseling through Television
    • Channels like –polymer/Like Jaya plus etc.
    • Now it is our humble request to your good selves to kindly help us in our mission of upliftment of the young children with learning difficulties through your referrals also.