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Alternative Learning Center

At Helikx School, our primary mission is to create a nurturing environment tailored to the unique needs of children with specific learning disabilities. We are dedicated to fostering the acquisition, dissemination, and generation of knowledge among our students. Our focus lies in facilitating the exploration of innovative ideas and the practical application of these concepts.

Our goal is to equip all our students, particularly those with specific learning disabilities, with the skills to break free from dogma, preconceptions, and rigid ideologies. We provide an impartial and non-judgmental atmosphere that nurtures the development of analytical and problem-solving abilities. Our aim is to empower students to become independent thinkers who are mindful of their opinions, judgments, and actions, while also cultivating their awareness of their role in both the social and natural world.

Our Specialities  

Serene Location

The school is situated away from the hustle bustle of the city, in a calm, pollution free surrounding with all in built infrastructure and easily accessible

Art Room

In a silent serene Art room students give life to their imaginations.

Modern Clasrooms

The classrooms are well lighted and airy with comfortable innovative bamboo furniture.


The dormitory is airy, spacious, insect free zone with 2 tiered bed facilities. There are guest rooms with all the facilities.

Resource Room

Composite lab/Resource room is the comfortable zone for kids.


After the morning chores, students start their day with slogans and meditation which provides them, a flourishing positive vibrancy

Innovation Lab

Innovation lab is the place where students are very active with their innovations.

Healthy Food

The students are provided a hale and healthy, well nourished balanced food.

Alternative Learning Center 

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